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Womens Volleyball Shoes

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Women’s Volleyball Shoes Choice

 How to choose
The uppers of Volleyball shoes are usually made of nylon and sometimes contain textile linings that permit easy air circulation.  A high level of traction and durability is provided by the rubber outsole. Sometimes the outsole contains grooves that makes the shoe flexible.. There are also other prominent features of volleyball shoes. Have a glance at some of them.

• GEL-Cushioning system helps to absorb shock at the time of landing
• A high degree of cushioning is obtained by the presence of types of foam in some women’s volleyball shoes.
• Mid sole is sometimes made of special components for lighter weight and more cushioning.
• Various types of mesh in the uppers provide better breathability and comfort

Nike, Adidas, Mizuno, and ASICS: these are just four of the athletic shoe manufacturers that have specifically designed a volleyball shoe for female volleyball players.

Women used to purchase men’s volleyball shoes, which often did not fit right, but were better than playing in another type of athletic shoe. With the growing popularity of the sport manufacturers were able to fund the costs of bringing a very specialized volleyball shoe for women to market.

The choices between shoes can be bewildering. When comparing brands, there will always be the obvious difference in colours and styling. These are not the critical variables to use when purchasing a pair of shoes though.  In fact, there are four important features that you should look for in buying a pair of volleyball shoes:

Out-sole. The sole of a volleyball shoe is by far the most important aspect. Players spend a lot of their time on the balls of their feet, and volleyball requires diving forward. Because of this, most soles have a herringbone pattern included in the design. This helps the player move forward quickly without slipping.
Mid-sole. The mid-sole is designed for absorbing shock, and to return some of the players energy back to her. Spurting forward to dig a dink or jumping up to slam a spike generates force. A good shoe will have high-tech materials incorporated within the mid-sole. Examples include gel, special foams and air cushions.
Uppers. For better comfort a shoe should be able to “breathe” You will see a choice of uppers with various combinations of materials, such as mesh, nylon, and synthetic and real leather.
Height. Almost all women’s volleyball shoes come in the traditional low-cut version. However, if you have problems with ankle strains or sprains, you may decide to opt for a mid-cut or a high-cut, basketball-style shoe.


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