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ASICS Gell 1120V Womens Volleyball  Shoes

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 Asics Gel 1120V Women’s Volleyball Shoe

General Description


The ASICS® Gel 1120V women's volleyball shoe is designed for the club, high school and collegiate player who likes running sneaker qualities in a volleyball shoe. The polymer-based midsole is very lightweight with excellent cushioning. The air mesh upper easily dissipates heat and moisture. The NC Rubber outsole provides excellent traction on indoor court surfaces, while the Gel® cushioning system reduces shock.





 Manufacturers Description

Do you like all the qualities of a great running shoe in your volleyball  footwear? Look no further.


GELCushioning System, an Open Mesh Upper, and Solyte Midsole Material keep things light, while NC Rubber soles provide superior traction.


GELCushioning System
Attenuates shock during impact phase.


Open Mesh Upper
Provides excellent comfort and breathability.


Solyte® Midsole Material
Lighter than ASICS’ standard EVA and SpEVA, combined with improved cushioning and durability


NC Rubber
Provides excellent traction on indoor court surfaces

Customer reviews


There are 5 reviews. 3 are good, two were 5 star and one 4 star. These say they found these Volleyball shoes were comfortable and had good grip. 2 reviews were poor with 1 star and said they were disappointed and found the shoes uncomfortable.


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Asics Gel 1120V Volleyball Shoe Womens



2 other sites were found with one review and each was 5 stars


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Asics Gel 1120V Volleyball Shoe Womens


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